Saturday, May 15, 2010

HOLY COW! Let me dust off my blog...shake off the cobwebs! AND BRAG!!!

This little guy is my newest love!
He is my son Levi & his wife Lyndsy's newest baby!
His name is Phinn Arthur Tippetts

He is perfect in EVERY way & he holds my heart in his tiny new hands!
I am amazed how he fills my heart with so much love! I am Truly at awe at the thought that Little Phinn (pronounced Finn) just this Monday left our Heavenly Father's presence to be with us.! You could feel the special spirit this child has, so fresh from His Father's loving embrace into our lives.
I was humbled to think Heavenly Father trusted these two awesome parents to bring Phinn up in this tough world, & help him become a strong & wonderful young man! Phinn welcome to the world! I love you soooo much! Nana Rosie


Jocelyn said...

ahhh so precious! congrats

Les and Margaret said...