Saturday, April 17, 2010

AN "EGG"cellent CHOICE! Tippetts Easter egg decorating contest 2010...Which do you think deserves to be the winner!??

That's right...It's another one of the Tippett's family FIERCE competitions!
It's the Tippett's family EASTER egg Decorating contest 2010!
I'm just curious...which egg do you think deserves the BEST OF the best this year? Stroll though the MINDS of the family & pick which one you like the best & I will let you the winners in a couple of day
This egg carton of disaster? IS Teisha's murder scene! She thinks she can "CRACK" this case WIDE open! As each Egg's stares in horror at the the crime, each claiming to be the "GOOD" egg & not involved....
I think Teisha watches to many "law & Orders" BUT I love the story "cracked" me up!

This egg was very cleverly disguised as a MONSTER "EGG BEATER" Extreme ride!
As homage to his fav...extreme truck ....
the "Grave digger"
My Gavy did this truck all by himself! I was so impressed & really excepted this egg to "SMOKE "us all in the contest & leave us in a cloud of egg DUST!!

The pretty Pink BUNNY is my Taya's egg, she thought this egg out way in advance! She knew 2 months ago what she wanted to do! AND I must say...this little pink, fluffy guy just HOPPED right into our hearts!

OK WHO could those two EGG heads be???.....Starlee are you team Jacob? or team the other guy???? Notice the glitter on Edwards face....I didn't get it...not a fan of Twilight, so it had to be explained to me! DUH! mom!

Shilo little penguin.....I think I modeled for that fat little round egg! Really cute!

I told you my Twinies were CLEVER!!! that master piece of yellowness is Paislee's egg boldly titled..."Yellow" it's me, I'm Paislee!"

In her attempt to define her individuality & depth of color & art!!

Or she just really digs yellow!

MY little boy, Levi has a fascination STILL at age 30 with the POTTY!!! His poor little egg missed the potty & He lost an the war of the potty!
This egg made me LAUGH!!! I thought it was very clever!

The handsome guy is my HANDSOME Kevy's eggs! ! Need I say more....He is GOOD!!!

This pink beauty is my Kia-Kia's egg...I know... A thing of pure innocence & beauty & a deep understanding of the color pink!

SHE is Brilliant! SHE has appropriately titled this beauty...


"PINK" I should win this contest!

Oh my Bell's pink ballerina egg! This egg .....

just Screams grace & poise! And a desire to dance like no other Tutu
wearing egg has every done before!
This is one egg
that should be on "SO you "PINK" you can dance" !?

OH Cory!!! What do you know about Birthin babies?.....This is my son in law Cory's egg, The Octo mom!! FUNNY!!! The twins kept eating her babies by the end of the day!

I think Cory cheated 8 times!....the babies were made of candy & the rules are you have to uses a real egg! I love the big red lips though!

this one is Gunny Bear's sooooo cute Mario & Luigi! .....from the Mario brothers FAME!
I think gunny bears SHOULD know these guys as he "EATS,DRINKS & SLEEPS" the Games!
TOOOO cute gunny!

Last but not least, ME!
That Bo Peep is mine!
Her skirt is hiding an egg & Her sheep is an egg. I did not make her is one of the cheap doll bodies!
I just stabbed it into the soft boiled egg AFTER I had Kevy saw her legs off.....
Ok...... does this sound like something Teisha would "CRACK" open with her crew of "egg"cellent egg heads?...
OK I'll stop....
what do you think?
WHO won...the great.....Tippetts family Easter Egg decorating contest of 2010?
The voting starts.....NOW!

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