Friday, April 16, 2010

A Mission for all you MeGa decorators......PIMP my Room....Please!!

Did You Think....or HOPE I fell off the face of the EARTH????
NO such luck! I just have been sooo focused on My Charms & Recipe cards for some swaps I am doing....I just can't seem to get my head around all the things I need to do. You know how it is???? PLUS my Camrea has passed on to the great beyond! I miss it!
I am going to turn 50 this year & I don't know......I seem so frazzled & spacy lately AND MOODY....I know I am doing the "Change of Life thing...BUT IS this part of it??? I can't even stand myself!! MY poor Hubby....He is my FAVORITE person in the world & I HATE being mean to him!...& MY poor kids... Ditto for them...I HEART them!
If any one has some suggentions PLEASE, PLEASE LET me know!

MY next BIG project is this ROOM> I have had it the same way for 17 years AND I NEED A CHANGE!!!


Wonder though & let me know what you think.
My room is the perfect size...NOT TO big & NOT too Small.
It is cozy in the winter & cuddly in the summer....I JUST HATE IT!

The bed is over the garage & the sitting area is over the Family room. WE purposely DID NOT put a TV in the bed area....We BOTH felt that the bed should be JUST for us & OUR OWN space. We did not want to invite the world or at least Jay Leno into our bed.
SOOO I had to have one in my room.
There are a FEW THINGS that have to stay....OK a LOT of things that have to stay....
Because of Budget reasons & because I LOVE them!

ONE the BED...I love THE bed & am not apposed to painting it...THE ugly A carpet...NOT in the budget! THE Dressing table...THE 2 lamps on my dressing table... MY granny bags hanging on the shelf...THE TV!!! THE mirror, THE blue blinds( Kevys request) I am kinda fond of the slim blue lamps by my bed & couch but will need matching shades.....THE Ceiling Fan( Kevys other request). MY Family Pictures....MY couch...NOT!!! that's the first thing to go!!
All others can take a HIKE!!

I love the shabby chic look..... You know, fur rugs, PILLOWS, chenille spreads, Quilts, Creams, blue, turquoise, butter yellow, black, a pinch of red, easy on the LACE & Flowers, overstuffed chair & Ottoman....ect

SO there's your assignment... & MINE this PIMP my room! on a BUDGET!
I really would LOVE some help & WILL BE looking out for some shabby chic finds at yard sales & such, this summer. I will post LOTS of pictures & get your feed back & what you all think of a certain Idea! I NEED HELP PEOPLE!!! SO please don't stay quite on me!

1st THING....
Decide's got to go with my BLUE color....I was thinking Brown & BLUE & turquoise? WHAT Do you think?
2nd THING: MY couch....What do you all think of a DAYBED????



Lyndsy said...

definitely paint. i think a good make over starts with taking everything out and down and giving it a good paint job - then you have a naked "canvas" if you will. Then only bring back things you absolutely love or will go with your new theme! the rest put in storage or send off to di. with a clean slate you can get a new feel...and start adding little by little or lot by lot...

Lyndsy said...

oh! and you can totally spray paint out dated bronze light fixtures & hardware with the Krylon oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel need for new hardware or light fixtures! i love that stuff!!! it saves a ton of money too by being able to reuse what you already have.

i think your bed would be pretty painted a cream color with a stain wiped off over it (would kevin ever let you paint the wood????!!!)

I can also see two side curtains on either side of your window that can be pulled to the side or left down. I would go bigger than the window and maybe higher than the window to make your ceilings and window appear larger.

Lyndsy said...

oh and i loooove the brown blue turquoise color scheme. that's what our new bed spread and pillows are and it is so soothing and tranquil...not too feminim either.

Lyndsy said...

our bed spread is turquoiseish blue, cream and brown...sorry. i'll quite commenting now.

nana rosie said...

LYNDSY...DON'T stop!! Great ideas!I think I should START with a Bed spread, don't you think? DO you think brown & cream W/ torquoise will go ok with the Blue carpet? If I down play that color & UP play the Tourquoise? The bigger window thing, I have a half arch at the top.....DO I go out to the sides? ALSO...Do I paint the bed area the same color as the rest of the room. I really want to replace my TV room with a Crystalish chandelier...cute idea huh!!!?
THANKS sooo much for your help

The Johnsons said...

I think the turquoise, blue, cream and brown so good together. Maybe if you put a big area rug in the TV watching area, it would help break up the sea of blue and you could get a nice sized one in cream for $100 or so...But I would totally start with the bedspread. And then go from there. Find a spread you love and we can make pillows and curtains around that...I think a dark chocolate would be so cozy on the back wall of the bed area..the area with the window and then a cream on the rest...