Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SHE LiVeS! The flu finally FLEW aWaY! 2009 Annual Tippetts PUmpKiN Craving Contest

I was a little worried there for a bit! I had the flu bug from H#!%!!! It kicked my butt! However I feel as if I MIGHT live! I still have a bit of the "cougha's"(bellaism's) & I get pooped walking upstairs! BUT the show must go on .........AND the winner is: This little cutie! Taya Shay won the 1st prize: The clever Pirate award! LOOK at that FACE!!! She would sit by this award after Papa made it a couple of weeks ago & DREAM of winning it! SOOO stinking CUTE!
The way this thing works is the Tippetts family & their family get to carve, design, paint,
decorate, bedazzle, any pumpkin & make it theirs! We then invites friends (the Barkers) And good neighbors (the Actons) to participate AND/OR Judge. AND we pay them in Homemade spud nuts(recipe: next post), apple cider AND hot cocoa!
I tell you it is getting harder AND harder every year, as the kids AND grand kids are getting BETTER AND BETTER every year. This year Shilo & her 3 children & hubby Cory took home the booty! We missed our Teisha & Johnny & Arbor, who live too far to come for the day! BOO!
Any way: see the cool standing skeleton? That was REALLY the best one!(shhhhh) It is Kevin's, YES we know you are a awesome carver & all around great guy, AND he was willing to share the 1st prize with his sweet potato Taya! Mr Gavin HAS to be given so extra Props! He carved that AWESOME Dracula,
ALL BY himself! SOOO GOOD GAVY! You take after Papa!

This little RUE is My Bella-RUE
all dressed up as
a kangaroo & she hopped off with the Prettiest pumpkin award for her PINK GLAMOUR pig. Great job Miss Bell!

That is Shilo, she made us laugh AND vomit a little, as she won the funnest prize for her POTTY PUMPKIN(who missed the potty a bit.... awwww!)

That is gunny Bear who won the DEAD ON award for the PUMPKIN, disguised as a GROUNDED PUMPKIN! (Hey the pumpkin looked the same.....shouldn't it look guilty, or at least Pout?)

Cory won the the prize for the SCARIEST pumpkin: did you notice that the pumpkin, shoot itself in the head after reading the Dow Jones report!?

This is Kevy & I announcing the winners! After the friends & family has been satisfied & stuffed with spudnuts! This is Starlee , it was just such a darn cute picture of her I had to share it! Hey STAR!
Those 3 cuties are the my BABY AND grandbabies!! THE big skunk in the middle is "twin tines" Pai's & Kia's Daddy, my handsome son LEVI: HEY LEV...He won the prize for a pumpkin best disguised as a pumpkin! His was the #1.... LAME!

These are the pumpkins all lite up! That one is Shilo's POTTY the face you make when you go potty shilo?That cool dracula is Gavy's

The small Dracula is Taya's AND won 1st prize

LOOK how cool Kevy's looks lite up!
Check out that Galmour pig...Bell-Bell she is STUNNING!

These two handsome( in mullet & Jester Costume) are my friends Zac & Cody Barker. Zac won for the most colorful pumpkin (check out those "medal" on his Army Pumpkin!) Cody won for Grossest pumpkin ( his was SKINNED & Hollowed out! SOOOO gross to touch!
FUN to have them participate!

The Cinderella Carriage is mine: OK...... COME on I have been sick!! I did not put a lot of work in it! I mean Kevy picked it out AND gutted it for me.....sadly not everyone saw my got only 2 votes.

Starlee's was also misunderstood! She also got only 3 votes for hers AND she insists they were PITTIE votes!
AND Kevy's was just awesome...but TOO easy.... to vote as #1! But anyway...a fun time was had by all!

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