Sunday, October 18, 2009

"WiTcH" u coulda been there! Rosie's 1st Witches night out dinner party!

Hi my Friends, Sorry I have not posted for a while!
I have been so wrapped up in this party, that it seems all else has gone to the roadside. AND I don't know which WITCH has put a hex on me AND WHY....BUT I am not feeling at all good! I have slept all day today & I still feel like I got hit by a max truck! I do know the hex was not cast by anyone of my "GHOUL" friends that came to this party! BUT in that case I really don't feel well enough to really sit here long to go over my picture with you, BUT I really, REALLY wanted to share them with you as quick as possible.
So for know could you just stroll though the pictures & SOON I will go over them with you, so you can see all the fun Ideas I got for party favor & decorating tips & other Ideas from some of you out there in blog land!
BUT first let me explain the hat! THAT is ME in the Pepsi hat! I can explain!!! I am not crazy....well maybe only a little...BUT the invite, my cute daughter Shilo @
Toadly crafty made suggested that for the sake of those witches that don't want to come in full costume, could just deck out a black witches hat befitting your "BAD SELF"! SO I did! I was the Pepsi witch! I saved all the labels from my Pepsi bottle & others I found for the last month & made this HAT!
So go head, say it......I know....I am AWESOME!!!!
SO go head, stroll & enjoy! See you soon!


Lyndsy said...

that was seriously so fun. you put so much into that. i hope you do it again next year...and the year after...and the year after. it was really that much fun! thanks for all you did to make it a fun night!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

YOu did an awesome job on the party! Glad I came around to see what you were up to...lots of great ideas to be had here! ;o)