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RoSie'S HaLlOwEen recipe # 4, 5 & 6, "DrOwNiNg iN mY JeLLO..Jello & MORE

I Will start out SLOW Ok peeps!? This 1st recipe is not really a recipe, but a suggestion......"BRiTtLE BoNeSTicKs" OR "BoNeYaRd BuNs".
NOW while I have Tackled, conquered AND MASTERED bread & rolls... I just pull the "too LAZY" card out of my pocket AND play often in crunch times!
DID you know if you go to MOST(Mine DOES!) local food stores & into the bakery department.......
they WILL sell you the french bread dough!!!? AT the same cost as the baked.....

This gives you ALL the glory & none of the guts, while your family smells it baking!!!

ANY WHOO, the pics pretty much explains the concept of
"Brittle bonesticks" for soup OR "Boneyard buns "
for a heartier bread! Let me explain.....
AFTER you decide which you want to serve...USE the bone shaped cookie cutter
AND ether STRETCH the dough longer & thinner, for a cruncher bread for the SOUP OR DON'T stretch the dough too far, for A heartier/bread & butter bun!
Before baking, add fresh minced garlic to some melted butter, brush on heavily & sprinkle on Parmesan cheese. Bake on 350 oven until barely brown, for buns & golden Brown for Soup.PLACE in a clever, cardboard coffin or another clever container & serve warm! EASY, CHEESY AND PLEASLY!

ALL right my Pretties...
NOW for the best idea for your favorite
cheese spread recipe!

This post will include 1 AWESOME AND impressive recipe for cheese spread AND 3....
count-em 3 equally impressive "HORROR"derve "PATTERNS" or ideas that will make a "GROAN" man cry!


3 Blocks of cream cheese

1 Jar of Old English cheese spread

1 1/2 cups Shredded Cheddar cheese

1 Tlbs Miracle Whip

1 bunch green onion

1/2 package of DRY Ranch dressing

Optional: Shrimp ( BUT A MUST for one of the RECIPES!)

Soften Cream cheese, add the Old English cheese spread AND WHIP to creamy.

Add in the rest of the ingredients & stir to mix.


I originally thought of this recipe for a Halloween cooking class for my work around 5 years ago AND I have seem MANY BAD copies sad to say. BUT I DID originate and perfect this recipe!

It is one of the most requested at my Halloween classes!

START W/ THE mask!Got to Roberts or Micheal's or JoAnns or to your nearest craft store ARMED with your 40% off coupon of course! AND buy one of these! It has been my BEST HALLOWEEN friend! It is the mask crafters use for the masquerade thingys & it cost around $7.00 ish, BUT you have your COUPON right? It is very sturdy & I have had AND used mine for around 4 years!

YOU will also NEED 1/8th of a pound of Ham or Chicken sliced THIN...SEE though thin!
I first wanted it to look more like MUMMY & used the Turkey AND I think it LOOKED great....However......
I really like weird look of the ham better. BUT IF you want to "TONE" down the creepy look...... JUST use the white meat & RECOVER the face with more meat, "WRAPPING" it like a mummy...just be sure to PUT the eyes in first AND cover them a bit for that look! NEXT

COVER the inside of the clean, DRY mask with the ham. LAYERING it so you can't see any of the plastic. BE SURE and leave some over hang around the top.

After your cheese spread is made. Spoon the spread into the mask. PRESSING EXTRA well into the "NOSE AND LIP indents! Continue to spread the rest evenly filling in the face. WHEN done, fold the over hang up to help mold the cheese. PRESS firmly AND TAP the mold to get the cheese into the mask as good as possible. REFRIGERATE for at least 2 hours BEFORE Serving! When ready to serve, lay the mask down back first on a serving platter. DECK it out! I had a cool plastic" AXE" I embedded in the top of the head!!! Also I had some "WITCH FINGER" Spreaders I used AND I'll BE danged IF I CAN'T find them!! UGH!

You will also need some green olives or fake eyes & FANG if you so choose. I used black olives for the "Stitches" , serve with Cheese AND crackers

AND VOILA! BE prepared for some serious name calling, coming your way!!!

AKA: SICKO....Lizzy Borden......CRAZY.....Withc doctor.....Grossie Rosie.... BARb-bazarrie
& so on!


"BrAiN SpEcImAN sPreAd"

Use your Fave Cheese spread recipe or BETTER YET ..use MINE!

BUT add 1 lb of medium, cooked shrimp. Cut into bite size bits....these are the "BRAIN" matter!

Mix your spread well, incorporating the "brain matter" well. Spoon spread into a large zip lock type bag, ADDING a SMALL bit of GREEN food coloring (on a tooth pick) in so often, this adds depth to the finished "Brain SPREAD"!

After sealed, snipe a 1/2 size hole in bag. On your serving plate SQUEEZE, or have your sweetie flex his muscles & do the squeezing for you, out the spread into a long, continuous strand of cheese on one side of the dish......for the"right" side of the brain. AND then moving on to the"LEFT" side of the brain....... YOU want a definite space in between the sides!

KEEP in mind....HA-HA...MIND! Oh....I crack myself up! ANYWAY keep in mind...(snicker)

THE "BRAIN MATTER" is going to take a bit of extra pushing. YOU want the look the shrimp bring into it!

When done, place "brain on a serving platter (I USED my refurbished one I made...see 2nd to last post)
ADD A dome bowl & a COOL LABEL!
I found mine @
Thanks to my friend Sheri......
WHOOO....SHOUT out to my ever lasting friend SHERI!
(she STILL likes me..even after I fed her some of these recipe!
RIGHT sheri?

So sorry this is hard to see...I could not take a good picture of this recipe! keep running away!!! Get it.... my brain kept running.....
OK ...SORRY. ANYWay, It just is MUCH cooler in person!


"FrEAsH DeAd SprEaD"

You will need:
A great, BIG cheese spread recipe....LIKE MINE!


Chopped walnuts, DARK pumpernickel toast

(I did not have this on picture! BUT IT sure looks better if your do!)

Assorted doll limbs, Mini Shovels, assorted bugs & other creepy things, A headstone...(mine lights up!) Green onion stems (for the grass)

Roll the cheese spread (it helps if its cold!) into a rectangle shape. Roll into chopped nuts, place on platter. Take the Pumpernickel toast and ground in a blender...sprinkle over the grave, this is the "dirt on the top, next finish up AND "PIMP" out your grave with the limbs & bugs & such. Place the grass coming out of the headstone area. FOR extra fun, USE the mini shovels as the "Spreaders" AGAIN...the dish would look BETTER with the dark brown "dirt" AND on better platter!(mine is too cutesy!)

Ok This is the next one:

"Drowning in mY JellO...Jello"

One day in July....AFTER I had made my 4 layer Jello salad, for the 4Th of July BBQ for the gajillionth TIME that month!
I had complained to Kevy, THAT I was drowning in JELLO!!
WELL guess what I dreamed that night????

This recipe!

To make it you will need:

1 LARGE box of BLUE Jello
1 SMALL BOX Green Jello
1 Pkg of Mexican type Gelatin( MADE w/MILK) Find in the Mexican aisle

(I used a EGG NOG flavor this time. I used to use the Coconut one, because I liked the white color. BUT I could not find that flavor, SOOOO I tried this one...guess what it had Cinnamon in the mix!! It made for some interesting shadows!)
BUT I would suggest you use the coconut one if you can find it, if not they made a Vanilla one, that would work also W/out the cinnamon "shadows"
THEE SAME clean white mask I told you about before, Duct tape.

1st: tape the eye holes closed really good. After you place the tape on the eyes, press down & around with your thumb nail to help seal it better. Add another, longer piece of type to go all the way across to help it stay dry.No need to do the inside, if taped good enough, I have never had it leak.

2nd: find a bowl that is almost the same size as the mask & place some balled up tin foil on each end. Test the mask to see if it is level & wont tip.

3rd: make the Mexican Gelatin as directed on the package. The gelatin will be hot when done, so cool a bit. When cooler, pour the liquid into the mask. Place on a firm, level shelf in your fridge until set. (I did this part the night before, to insure a firm mold)

4th: Mix the Blue Jello as directed on the package & place in a proper sized ( place mask in bowl, to insure a good fit) GLASS serving dish. Set to firm (NOTE: for added effect you can add sea weed AKA: celery tops or mint leaves or gummy eyeballs or worms or fish when the Jello has been cooled for a 1/2 hour - 1 hour, or while it is not set firm any sooner & your effect will sink & not look natural)

Lastly. When the face AND the Blue Jello is firm. Carefully place the face in a bowl of hot water, QUICKLY set the face in the water...MASK down & softly go around the face w/ a butter knife AND pull face from edge. REMOVE the face from the water. DO NOT LEAVE IT in the hot water TOO LONG, it will make Jello "SOUP" out of it! Carefully tip the face into the Blue Jello, Pudding down. Center it! Because when it's's DOWN!

Mix the green Jello as directed AND slowly pour it AROUND the face & onto the blue jello.
Allow the Green Jello to set. When ready to serve, ADD PEELED grapes for eyes or GUMMY EYE balls ARE AWESOME!!!

This is my little Grandson's Gunny & Gavy & my "sweet potato" Taya, when Nana put it on the Dinner table...HA -HA!!! Taya was fascinated, Gavy was grossed out, Gunner said Ahh NANA?

SO there you . MY little scardy cats...... I triple, dog dare YOU to try some of these!!! Oh man I LAME brain....... AND MY dare devil family, who eat it W/out too much gagging !

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