Friday, October 23, 2009

TOO CUTE not to share! Nana Rosie's Twin Tinee's!

Now usually I don't like to put too many pic's of my grand babies on the blog. NOT because I don't like to share, BUT because I'm a bit worried about the creeps out there in web-land & I like to protect them a bit!
BUT I just could not resist showing off these two monkey doodles!
NOW really...... how do you say NO to these 2 cuties!?

These two are my sweetest, cutest, funniest, prettiest, little grand daughters,

Kailia Rose & Paislee Renee. AGE 1

They have my heart in their tiny little hands! I love them both sooooo much.

They were being so silly at Nana's house this week with these Halloween "geek" glasses, we could not resist a picture!

PLEASE don't ask me who is who....I'm a horrible Nana AND can't tell them apart!
So to be safe I just call them BOTH KailiaPaislee! I know I'm a jerk! But at least I got it 1/2 right!
Can I just say one more thing.....I love being a NANA! I love each of my grand babies soooo much & they bring me so much joy! Can't wait for #9 this next spring

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Lyndsy said...

you are such a good nana! i love these pictures. they make me laugh so hard!!!