Sunday, May 30, 2010

A "tasty" sample of the Tippetts family auction donation for the Griffin family reunion

This year my mom's family(Griffin) is hosting the Yearly family reunion....
We loved the idea we do for my hubby's family reunion(Evans)
every year! They started a auction, so that NO ONE has to pay for the rental or use of a campground or building where we hold the reunion! This has worked out so great! We even have left over money for paper goods & food & stamps & other stuff for the party!

SO we decide to try the same idea for the Griffin reunion!

This is my honey Kevin...he ALWAYS does a carving every year for the Evans reunion...A BIG SELLER & a cheap project! (he looks for & gathers stumps around here & brings them home until they start to talk to him & let's him know what they were "MEANT to be!) so cold hard cash is not really involoved.......just a sweaty job!

This years carving is going to the Griffin reunion!
It is going to be a bear, I will post the finished prject as soon as he gets done

These are recipe card I made to go with a treasure trove of happy little things> These cards will go in a gift box with, a darling apron (shilo made) Strawberry jam (cece made) & some bread (cec ebought) & a darling matching tea towel shilo made.

This is the other gift box we all donated to! IT"S MY FAVE!!
The cards (made by me) The apron & towel (Shilo
made) & a bottle of homemade Barbecue sauce AND "Jack Daniels" Barbecue glaze (made by me) Kevy carved the cutest Pig & Skull for the lids!) I will show you those
when he lets me get a picture of them!

The next one is a DARLING!!! Cupcake apron & tea towel(shilo) & MORE recipe cards(me)
AND Teisha is making some HOMEMADE cupcakes to add to the package!

The last one is A CHOCOLATE box! Shilo made the darling 1/2 apron & the tea towel & I did the recipe cards & TEISHA is doing the HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES! Like cherry chocolates & pecan turtles & some other yummy chocolates!

SERIOUSLY a lot of work went into these! I hope they sell pretty good & the donation the Tippetts make is helpful! We had a good time making them!

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