Saturday, May 29, 2010

WHAT do you get when you MIX THIS mess & a clumsy ol` lady?....

May 24th 2010!!
It snowed...LAME!!!....
I mean I am NOW lame!
ON my way out to the car on my way to work....& this is what I found!
I had noticed it was snowing...kinda hard to miss!
I put on my boots to make sure my ankle stayed warm BEFORE I went outside...( I have a "bionic" ankle! I broke it about 6 yrs ago & it has titanium rods & bolts in it to help keep me up-right) so cold & steel don't not make for a warm OR cozy ankle!

AFTER cursing the snow & reaching in the car to get my snow scarper....I had one foot on the cement & the other on the grass.......What does wet dirt make? .........MUD!
So my legs went out from under me & WHOOP!...... my butt hit the mud & snow & because my stupid yet EXPENSIVE ankle REFUSED to bend AT ALL & go down with the flow....
I got a mad crazy twisted ankle!!!!
I even rolled in the mud & snow trying to get up! (this is the part Kevin & Starlee have begged me to reenact so they can film it for AFV! to that I say...Plutch!....the sound of my tongue going out to them!)

SO there you go.....My ankle was not that great looking BEFORE...NOW It looks & Feels like HELL!!!!! I went in the house crying ...called Starlee to help me get my wet socks & muddy skirt off & get me something for the pain...after a while I called Kevy at work saying I needed a hug....( he came home soon after to check up on me & GAVE me a hug!)

This is a couple of days AFTER I fell....Wouldn't you know it...It came at a VERY BAD time!
I had like 10 gillion Mums to put out for Memorial day week-end...!

THE TOPPER to this story......I turned 50 the following Wednesday! Kevin said he was going to get me a "medical alert bracelet" case I fell & couldn't get up!!! the turd thinks he's funny!!

So woo is me!

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