Sunday, May 30, 2010

50 Isn't so NIFTY! the joint pain & hot flashes of a ROSE

It had to happen I guess....I mean if your going to be grateful about turning 50....the best I can say is YEAH At least I still have my own teeth.....(some of them) and thank goodness my arthritis is only in my ankle & my hearing is still some what sharp...oh yeah & I'm saving money because I am back to getting full on happy meals!!!
M darling children throw me a Big b-day mourn the passing of my youth!! It was really quite sweet...since no one really got as down & dirty as I was to them, when they turned 50!!!
My sweet little daughter Teisha made me a cake .....a Chocolate PEPSI cake no less...BUT SADLY it took a nose dive before she could get it to me.....SOOOO Star & her friend Taylor made this yummy Pepsi cake for me the night before! It was Delicious & best of all it had extreme all know I LOVE a little cake with my frosting!

This darling quilt was made for me by my other sweet daughter Shilo @ toadlycrafty
She JUST had to advertise that I was 50! Oh well what ever it takes to SCORE one of her darling quilts! check out her blog & see what she has been sewing & crafting!
My Honey Kevin...said to me as I was cuddled up in this super cozy quilt..."oh Rosie, Maybe you shouldn't use this quilt...isn't it kind of "Wall art" quilt......You don't want to stain it or wear it out"
OK first of all......What a FUNNY thing for a guy to say & 2nd of all....I could NOT give up how cozy AND loved I felt with it wrapped around me.
Thanks to all my babies...Shilo & Cory & Levi & Lyndsy * Teisha & Johnny & Starlee for allowing me to be your mommy! AND my Kevy whom I adore & is still my most favorite person on earth...AND my LOVIES...Shaylee, Gunner, Gavin, Taya, Bella, Arbor, Kialea, Pasilee & Phinn. For giving me so much Joy & unconditional love!!
I am VERY Lucky WIFE, MOMMY & NANA! I'm ok tuning 50!

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