Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MY beautful Mother turns 90 today!

I just had to do some bragging today. My AMAZING Mom turns 90 today & I am so proud of her!
My story is long, so I will just say this....The best thing that ever happened to me was having this women in my life!
My sisters ( 2 biological sisters!) & I were adopted by LaRae & Francis Allen when we were very young. The good Lord in his wisdom & love & tosome how make up for the rough start we had, sent us to these two sweet parents!
My mother is the back bone AND heart of this family. She is kind & firm at the same time. She is loving & strong at the same time. She is one tough cookie! She is ALMOST fully recovered from the full shoulder replacement she had just a few short months ago! She is & was a very talented drummer & a hunter! She loved to camp in the wilderness & just stopped going a few years ago, because it was too hard on her to sleep in a tent! She is a pro at canning & cooking AND don't get me started on her HOMEMADE bread! AHHHH I miss that! She is completely & utterly devoted to my Daddy( He turns 90 in Oct!) They still hold hands(soooo cute) & cuddle! One is never without the other! They have given me many life's lessons & I love them dearly!
Happy Birthday, LaRae Griffin Allen, may you have many more!


The Johnsons said...

My grandma was a hottie!! Happy birthday Grandma! Love you!

Lisalulu said...

Love it!!! My mother-inlaw will be 90 next month!!! yeah for 1920~ just happened on your blog, LOVE IT!! us grandma's got ta stick together. LOVE your fun hanmade items and crafts- talented lady!