Saturday, May 29, 2010

EKKK! I'm BAAACK!! I got SO many things to tell you!! Charm swap & recipe card swaps FIRST!!

I AM so excited to be back in business!! I have had NO camera & I felt I could not take advantage of this blog without no pictures! SOOOOO I did not post anything! I Missed it!
MY Kevy got me a new camera for Moms day & I could not figure out how to download my pictures to this post.....UGH!!!

Did you miss me? I have so many thing to show you all!! I will start with my crafts I have done:

I have been busy doing all the recipe cards for the swaps on 2peas I had signed up for....I had a vision for these cards...I really wanted in on all the fun those ladies had in designing the cards. BUT I REALLLLLLY wanted the recipes! SO I signed up for some .....I signed up for more & then a few more....until I realized I am going to get almost 150 more recipes back, by the time I get done!!!

The 1st one is for the picnic swap.....
so cute!

The 2nd one is the "State Recipe card swap Shilo" is hosting.....I got Kansas & did a RIB rub....after reading about Kansas...I found out they are kinda known for their Pork ribs & fancy BBQ I made up some of their KC rib rub & my own PEPSI BBQ sauce & I had some KICK A ribs!! This next ones are for the CUPCAKE recipe swap.

The Utah state swap.

The Cinco de mio recipe swap......I did my ISLAND style tres` leches cake...YUMMMO!

The Pasta recipe swap....Spinach stuffed shells!

My 2 grilled recipe swaps...MY AWESOME SHEEH GOOD KABOBS!

& my grill chicken pizza

Stuffed Mushrooms bites.... for the Party food swap.

WHAT do you think? DID I do good?

I still have..... let see....... the state recipe swap.....MISSISSIPPI(doing Mini pecan pies) & VERMONT(creme brulee` W/Maple Carmel sauce)

Also the "Copycat" recipe swap left to do! THEN I will help Scooter pie do some of hers!

THESE are my SUPER cute charms "junk food" Shilo & I hosted on 2peas!

OH MY goodness SOOOO CUTE! Everyone!...I mean every "pea' came through for a super cute & well made charm!

I REALLY want to wear them on a bracelet...BUT sadly I lose too many!
I think it has something to do with the fact I "talk " with my hands!!!

SOOO... I just used a idea that one of our 2peas friend had & used them as purse charms!
I could not decide which one I love the I put them ALL ON my purse!!

Anyway.......I'll be back.......

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