Thursday, March 4, 2010 is some pic's of some lovely "pirate wenches" OR some "lovely Valentine love pirates"!

OK..... so that cutie pie is my daughter, Star,
who soooo graciously offered to come in on Valentines day week-end AND make all the Bout & corsage order's for the High School dances that night........ while I was sluping in Roses & all other kinds of foolishness.... for Val-day! Thanks sooo much to Shilo AND Star who saved my butt! Shilo helped arrange & did a beautiful job! AND Star was there to help AND give me moral support! This is the picture my Friend Andrew painted to help make the "pirate" theme even better!

This is Nichole & follow "pedal pushers" in the 2nd picture & Kevy & I in the 1st one!

I realize I look sooo lame next to those to cuties....I just used the "to tired" card for my excuse!
But doesn't Nicky & Karina look just cute!?

My eyes were barely open that morning.....LOOK how dark it still is...I came home in the dark also!

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