Saturday, March 13, 2010

TEASER....Rosie's "FOOLIN with your food"! April fools meal!

Another part of my "seasoned eating's" series.
What season is it you ask? Well ....Hello....
APRIL FOOLS is just around the corner!

I I wanted to get a head jump on it!

SOOOO Im just giving you one little, tasty, morsel of my
April fools meal menu!

I just have one Question.....How many of you like Breakfast for dinner????
WELL ...What about "dinner that looks like breakfast for dinner!!??"
these pictures are just that!
I will posting these recipes and MORE this come back & VISIT!
Meanwhile, check out this little visit to my local newspaper!
I hooked them up with some April fools recipes & Ideas a couple of years ago.
I have updated and tweaked & perfected them since then.
BUT here's a "SWEET" sample of what I will be serving this year!
PLUS A few more!!!
AGAIN, I promise, I will get recipes for you soon!


The Umbergers said...

Ha ha ha I LOVE the donuts! I am totally going to make them!

Levi said...

that would be so funny to trick bella with those! i wonder what she would say as she is biting into a "donut"?!!! ah ha