Thursday, March 4, 2010

HELP!!!! I CaN't decide.....WhIcH charm WoULd you pick!?

I am Hosting a Charm swap on twopeas; Here @

MY very first one.....Its all about Junk food....MY favorite kind of FOOD!
So I have been monkeying around with some possibility's AND CAN NOT decide! which two I like the best!

SOOOO PLEASE vote And tell me which 2 you would Love to see on YOUR charm bracelet!
You know I'm A Pepsi gal....AND I am doing another charm swap...ALL COLA" on there the Pepsi can be used in that swap....
AND the Doritos bag and the Other candy bars ARE ADORABLE!.....the picture just does not do it justice!
AND the TV dinner was what my MOTHER considered "JUNK FOOD" And I was sooooo excited to get one, IT was a real treat!

BUT then again the Hostess cupcake seems to be a front runner.... AND SOOO stinking cute!!
UGH!!! I can't help me out & VOTE for your fav... & let me know.....PLEASE!


The Johnsons said...

I am totally torn between the cup cakes and the kit kat bar. But Gunner says the Snickers with the bite out of it, like he would have picked something else. You may get your charms back...but I may keep them as my "fee" for being your favorite daughter.

Cristen said...

wow they are all so great

i love the kit kat and cupcakes the most if i had to pick

Jess said...

I think the kit Kat and the tv dinner

Mimi Sue said...

I like them all. Can't you have them all? Love your Valentine day stuff at the store. So cute. Mimi

Kelley said...

dorito's and cupcakes! LOL