Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IF I could be Irish for one day........

I am one of those type of person....who dresses up for EVERY holiday AND for some reason
I LOVE St. Patrick's day!
One of my worst St. Patrick's day for me, was 5 years ago when I was on my way out to my car, to go to work AND fell down
TWO...DOS...DUEX.....`ELUA ....
I BROKE my ankle soooooo bad...
I am NOW "bionic" AND let off alarms in airports & such!
They had to cut off my
"LUCKY" green shamrock socks
& remove my "LUCKY" green St.Patricks day shirt
before they wheeled me into surgery! AND don't get me started on WHERE my "lucky" shamrocks earrings AND Bracelets disappeared to!!

BUT.... YET I still dig the "St. Patricks day" hoopla!
IF I could be IRISH FOR one day.....

I would most likely have a array of
green t-shirt's
that said different things:


"Irish I was Irish!

SPAM"ROCKS"! (with a picture of spam lunch meat product)

"GOT cabbage"

with a picture of a can of corn beef

DO you feel "lucky" punk...well do you? (all in a four leaf clover)


"YOU Pinch.... I PUNCH!"

"NO!.......I am not A leprechaun!" I'm just short!

"BROGUE" is Vogue!
Does this shamrock make me lo0k fat?
Anyway...just some ramblings of a brown Irish...wannna be!
My REAL...green day shirt is sooooooo boring.....It got me to thinking about what I WOULD want to wear on St.Patty's day if I could find a really cool one!

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