Thursday, January 21, 2010

My latest Valentines charms & a couple of other crafts!

BUT first........ look at these two handsome fellows!!
That is my oh so cute grandson Gavin & his Papa working on the cars for the pinewood derby set to race this Friday. The boys & papa have a plan......Papa gets to relive his dreams of winning a pinewood derby AND the boys get to take the credit for the awesome cars PAPA made!!SIDE

NOTE: I just noticed "KOOJOO" laying on the rug in this first picture!! That really ia my "grandpuppy" Zoe...She really is a lovey dovey dog & has no "koojo" in know..."koojo"?...the killer CRAZY dog from the Stephen King novel....NO? Nothing? FUNNY Story Zoe Zoe is 1/2 in love with Papa(Kevy) & my son in law Cory!....

Anyway that's my boys craftin!

I signed up for 3 Valentines charms spots in the swaps @ 2peas. One was the
"Hard" valentines, meaning any textile EXCEPT fabric or paper, the other 1 was 2 spots on the Fiber charms. These first pictures are of my "mini...tiny.....teeny picture frame. It was made out of red "pleather" & a tiny heart button. I stitched around the inside with white thread. And put a back piece on & stitched it closed with clear thread. I left an opening at the top, so you can slide in a TEENY TINY

picture of your Valentine in! CUTE HUH! The other is a felt envelope I showed you before. SAME swap!

This next picture is of my Cupcakes for the "Hard" valentines swap. I just molded a cupcake out of some polymer clay & baked as directed & added a tag (made out of good old fashioned shrinky dink stuff!)...that is super hard to read.....BUT it says:

These next pictures are what the "Sisterhood of the traveling paints" made for our Feb. craft.

The cute Hugs & kisses blocks. Kevy cut them out & Lyndsy cut out the vinyl. I think they turned out soooo cute!
Check out what shilo at "Toadly crafty"
She did the cutest set of picture frames that I just gotta copy!

This last craft is just a little something I threw together! I was forced to "scrape book" my own plain...ugly ......clipboard!! I had been after shilo @ Toadly crafty to do it for me...but she was just toooooooooo busy! So I did it myself.......not bad if I do say so myself!

One side has chalk board paint & the other side has a magnetic board.
THIS cute little craft has been VERY handy at work AND I look just adorable using it when I need a clipboard for my meetings!!!
SO Toady......I don't need your mad scrape book skills.....I got a few of my own!!!

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The Johnsons said...

ah I am so proud! you are getting so big...bouty time you did one yourself! Next maybe u will tackle that drawer of pictures