Monday, January 25, 2010

Silly gift idea CUPID POOP..for friends or co-workers or the "not sure what they are" folks!

I give this gift to just about EVERY one I like...because its soooo freaking funny!
AND because, I'm weird that way!

Some "cupid poop" ideas would be:
Tiny cinnamon hearts
pink & white & red M&MS
Pink, white & red Jelly beans
Mini gummy hearts
Conversation hearts

Just fill up a small cello bag with your choice of "poop", tie with a ribbon & tag...and VOILA...
a for sure "conversation" starter!!
REMEMBER: LEFT click on image to get the right size to read!
No magnifying glasses needed here!

P.S. when you give this gift....LEAVE my name out of it!!


nana rosie said...

You know, you really can't get mad at Levi and Gavin for there over use of the word "poop" at the dinner table, cause you have to admit you have a strange fascination with it! And at least they have never wrote a poem about it and then handed it out to the people they visiting teach!

nana rosie said...

By the way, this is me Shilo, signed in as you leaving that comment!

L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

What a CUTE idea! Love it!

whatsit said...

Very cute but there is a typo at the end where it says: I got you something, etc. You is spelled "your". Just thought you'd like to know! Thanks for sharing this with everyone!