Sunday, January 3, 2010

So "Charming, Fruit charm swap & Valentine felt charm swap

OK so some of you might NOT be surprised that I love Jewelery.....but did you know.....
I love, LOVE, LOVE Charms bracelets! Something about those tiny little thing's just thrill's me to death!!

My daughter Shilo has got me HOOKED on the swap site twopeas here @ I have since participated in several CHARM swaps. The first one was a Halloween one, the next one was a State charm swap, then a Victorian Christmas charm swap. ALL which I loved! This next one is 2 Valentine swaps. One a fiber charm, the other just a bead or other media Valentine. The next one is a is Fruit swap. That's the first pictures you see. It is my Cherry charm. I used 2 SMALL wood beads. Star painted them red for me. I then wired red seed beads through the top & bottom 8-9 times. Added the green seed beads for the stems & 1 leaf. I think they are soooo cute, I am going to make a set of CHERRY earrings for the Hostess & myself !

This one is for the same fruit swap. It is my take on a watermelon. I just used a SMALL washer & wrapped first red wire a touch more then half way around to represent the sweet "meat" of the watermelon, adding 4-5 black beads for seeds on BOTH sides, every so often.. Then the lime green wire to represent the rind, around just a bit less then half way around. Ended with the silver wire to represent the lighter rind. added a jump ring to hang the claw on. SOOO cute huh?
I think I MIGHT have to make a pendent to match this for the Hostess & for me! This next one is for the fiber Valentine charm swap. I just made a small envelope out of paper for the pattern. Cut around the pattern on red felt & whip stitched around the edges with some quilting thread. Added a cute Valentine button & a SMALL piece of hook & eye Velcro. Had my Kevy write me a love note & a lobster hook. So fun!

I just need to order some more Lobster hooks & I'm about ready to ship. So fun! I can't wait to get these back, so I can wear them for Valentines day. Speaking of Valentines day.....I Have the CUTEST 12 days of Valentines day idea for you all. I can't WAIT to get it typed & to you! SO look for that here as well as A ALL hearts Valentine MEAL AND 100 ways to say I love you!
I will have those out with in the next 2 weeks! I promise.

Happy 2010 friends!


The Umbergers said...

I LOVE the envelopes! They are so cute!!

Levi said...

Those all turned out cute. that's a lot of work!


Jess said...

Love the watermelon!

luanne said...

Oh my, Those are so cute. YOu are so talented.
Thanks for sharing.