Monday, January 25, 2010

Rosie's candy bar/goodies Valentine Poster

CHALLENGE! How to make a successful candy bar poster without using the traditional ...... OH SOOOOO ....."been there done that" candy!
You know the one's..... 100 Grand, Snicker, Air Head, Nerds, Sugar Daddy and Almond JOY!
YAWN..... Soooo

This is what I came up with!
Now mind you, I work in a GROCERY strolling down aisle 8 made creating this poster was easy for me!
I created these posters for my work, but have been known to but one together for my sweetie.
Last year I did not create a new one AND holy COW..... I had a few angry & ungrateful AND unsympathetic (they did not care I could only do SO much!) customer's!

Candy bars or items you will need:

Sweet Tarts
Hot Tamales
Dr Pepper (small can)
Orbit gum
Rocky Road
Bit O' Honey
Extra gum
Big Hunk
Cow Tail
Reese's Pieces
Red Hots

MY cutie pie assistant, Nichole......(props to you, Nicky... You rock!) was the one who put this together for me, while I was smooching w/Kevy at the Anniversary Inn in Logan Utah for our anniversary. She started with some pink paper hearts she taped on the poster board. We covered up the words we didn't need with duct tape and then she hot glued them on to a poster board. After hot gluing them I found that I had to reinforce them over the top with some tape!

I meant to tape over the "D" on the "Dove" bar with a "L" but got too excited to leave for my "HONEYMOON" I forgot. I think "DOVE" you I kinda cute, so what ever you think looks good,

I wanted to use some different treats for this poster, Such a EVERY guys Fav!... DR PEPPER & instead of soooo many sweets, I used Gold fish cracker, you could use Swedish fish or gummy fish if you want, MAKE this poster you own!
ALSO have you tried that Bliss bar??? SERIOUSLY friends.... it is BLISS! So smooth AND good. I love it.

How many of you think we could make like a "trillion" dollars for that "candy bar poster biz" if we could create some really cool candy bar names?
I think we need a "LOVE" bar for sure!.... OR a "just Nuts" bar... ok, a......
"SEXY" bar!!! You know you want one!
How about a "Gorgeous" bar?....a "passion" bar...a "cuddle" bar...OH SNAP... how about a....
"Struck it RICH" bar....Or a "lucky" bar...(isn't that a cigarette brand?)...
hey speaking of about a "SMOKIN HOT" bar.
ANY way....what about you guys...Thought of a good name for the perfect "LOVE" candy?"
SPILL IT!......Let me know, pretty please.


Terry said...

We made one of these candy bar posters for our boss one year and it was a hit! We so wanted to eat those candy bars while putting it together - great post!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Never seen a candy bar poster before. Such a cute idea!

Thanks for sharing!


Lori said...

Cute idea...

Thanks for joining "Get your Craft on Thurs." Please join me next week for another great party.


L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Wow! That's awesome! that took some thinking lol