Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nana & Papa survived the last sleep over of the year!

I started this post a while ago, BUT I had the SUPER bug hit me FAST.......
IT hit me in the gut! HARD!....kicked my colon!....raked my back & head
over sharp jagged rocks AND made me hate PEPSI or anything resembling food, for the last couple of days......
BUT Hey ....I'm ALIVE!!!
I'm making me & those in my family a t-shirt that says:
My Mom survived the SUPER BUG of 2009 & all I got was this lame shirt & no DINNER!"

SO on AND I know that the last pictures were wonkie cause!
I could not for the life of me figure out HOW to rotate pictures taken from a PHONE!!!
(have any of you seen my CAMERA?)
AND I really have not cared less about it or the fact that you have to look at them with a kinked neck!
BUT I feeling better now, so I'm sorry if you hurt your neck!

I am soooo lucky! First of all I have some very cute & Sweet grand babes AND most of them live close buy! I have my Arbor that lives 4/5 hours away AND I ache to see him at least once a week....but I just don't get that wish too often!

I am lucky, I do get to see the other's at least once if not more a week.

WELLLLLL I begged Papa if I could please have the little people over for one last 2009 sleep over!
He plays the gruff Papa a bit and says "What!?.... you want those rotten, little midgets over ALL night!?" I say yes and he playfully says

"WELL all right then.....
but I want them out 1st thing in the morning...... after they have pancakes and hot chocolate!"....and hang out in church with us....but no longer!"

BUT a fun night was had by ALLLLLL! We ate pizza, & carmel popcorn, watched Polar Express 3 times! Papa made us!!!

AND made these bread bears for the kid's Primary teachers! They formed them & made eyes & snouts & even belly buttons, we watched them rise & then bake. When they cooled we but ribbon on the ears for the girl bear(Taya call's them "grills" SOOOO cute!)
And bow ties for the boy bears. We then made labels that said "Have a berry merry Christmas" that we put on the honey jars. Wrapped them AND they are ready to go!!

I told you we had fun! Check out the finished work below!

Gunny wasn't there, he went home early, so he could go to his own church ward. But the other 3 came to Papa & Nana's ward. WE love showing them off! Bella's "sisters" AKA, the "tinnies" were to little to come to a sleep over, but soon! AND Arbor will get to have a sleep over soon, can't wait!"

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Jocelyn said...

ahhh bread bears I loved when my mom made those when we were little. What a great idea to give them to their teachers. I may have to steal that share them with my fellow presidency members!