Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is what FINALLY gave the "Rosygrinch" the Christmas Spirit!

The family took what we thought would be a quick trip to the Salt lake City Temple square to see the lights. We had most of the crew, Arbor & Teisha & Johnny could not go(they live too far) BUT the rest of us went, including, my sister & her hubby & their 2 boys (shout out to Jessie Bug...Big B-day coming up on Dec 25the, ps, the kids are STILL upset about that!)
The spirit of the Season was so peaceful there.
I loved seeing all the lights & all the different nativity scene's....... BUT CAN I just tell you HOW FREAKING COLD it was!!!? AND CROWDED!!!! If you think going on a SUNDAY night would be smart......guess again! We drove around the blocks for 35 minutes looking for the best & closest place to park & NATA....NO to park......INSANE!

BUT we made it in.....AND not even the protesters could bring us down!!

It is amazing AND I was so glad we went to partake of the Spirit the Temple ground brings to our Christmas holiday....BUT now I don't have to go up there again for another 5 years, RIGHT...Star?

So SOOOOO stroll with the Tippetts clan & enjoy......

As you can see Bell-Bell & Star had a great time, but were sooooo glad to get into the warm truck on the way home!
Merry Christmas friends & may your Holiday be spent with your favorite people & may you know peace & joy & recognize His gentle hand in all your blessings.

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The Johnsons said...

That was so fun!! Except the crowds and the cold. I need copies of all your pictures, can you email them to me?