Monday, June 21, 2010

MY Pepsi is in THE BAG!!! Look at this super cute tote, my daughter made me!

SOOOOO I have never tried to hide my love of ALL things Pepsi... IN fact I have no shame or make NO APOLOGIZES
for having Pepsi be my 3rd biggest love!
1:Family 2:God, 3:PEPSI SOOO check out what my daughter the enabler Shilo @ Toad"ly crafty
made for me with REAL Pepsi labels (donated by me from a few 2 liter bottles)
& darling red & blue polka dots fabric (on my top 10 faves)
& a bit of denim to toughen the bag up! SHE even LINED it for heavens sakes! She also made a darling Pepsi "ROSE"( the name I want my next granddaughter to be called! REALLY!) to add to the bag, don't you think she should make one for my hair!?

The Pepsi charms I made for a "2peas" swap would be PERFECT dangling from this bag!
SOOOOO Bask in this darling bag & be assured I more then "SODA" like this bag & I will "POP" back in with picture of me carrying this bag EVERY where, because this bag it makes "BUBBLE" over with happiness!!
Thanks so much Toady! YOU rule!

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