Saturday, June 12, 2010

I was "Bear"ly able to part with these Kevin carvings! But it went to a good cause!

These to "crafts were for the Griffin reunion.
We had the 1st annual Griffin Family auction! MY sweetie pie Hubby craved a bear & these to really awesome "lid Pal's" for my homemade Pepsi BBQ sauce AND the Drunken Pig glaze!
I made them a week before the reunion AND Kevin carved the 2 heads the DAY before the reunion! I love them!
The Bear went for a decent price of $90.00. WHICH we were OK with considering it was THE 1st AUCTION ever!
The sauces went for $8.00 a pair.

This is what the bear looked like BEFORE!

the bear was short(4 ft) BUT packed a good punch! He was AWESOME!

This is AFTER! Kevy, you rule!

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