Thursday, February 11, 2010

A girl can change her mind! MY Fruit swap..."SWAP"

I LOVE the swaps you can sign up to participate in on the 2 peas web site....AND the one I was SUPER excited about was the "anything FRUIT swap"
I signed up for 2 fruits charms swap & I did the cherry swaps AND a Watermelon charm....(you can check those on my "charming charms" label)
Any way I had ALSO signed up for a 6 spot in ANYTHING Fruit ...and had decided I would do 6 CHERRY tote bags AND HATED the one I had done......
I could NOT get the love I "swapped" that bad idea for a REALLY CUTE One!
I changed it to 6 Dish cloth Aprons!....
I like...NO LOVE these so much more! AND can in good conscience send these out!
I had to make 2 different style because I went back to the "W" place AND of course they did not have the super cute red ones left, so I settled on these other ones AND They also are super cute!
I also added a bigger cherry charm on the tie part.
It match's the smaller charm I had created for the "CHERRY" swap.
ANY way I hope my fellow" swappers" are happy with this item!
I know Shilo (my lovely model) is jealous!
I had to frisk her hand bag to get one of the apron's out!
SHE tried to clam it for her own!

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