Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally! A few pic's from our ROMANTIC Anniversery trip

I can't believe it took me so long to post these...BUT here are a few pictures from our romantic trip to Logan Utah at the "Anniversary Inn.

The first one is in the lobby of the old house the day we arrived.
The other one is the day we left.

I have it turned around, BECAUSE we stayed in "Rich's drive in"
the 2nd night. The bed was in the back of this cool truck. It was VERY cosy! BUT we had to get our BUTTS outta bed to turn the light off! They need a remote for the light by the bed.
BUT it was super fun to stay in!

This is in the first room we stayed in "The la hacienda" VERY NICE! It was a warm cozy room BUT the best part was the cheese cake AND the chip & salsa! AND that AWESOME jetted tub! HOLY cow, & the shower..... A girls dream!

Kevy liked the hammock....AND sooooo did I!!

BUT THE bed.....sorry no pic...any way.. IT was wayyyyyyy to big! I like to snuggle AND in this bed....I lost Kevy! AND it was so high....the top was level with my arm pit! BUT Kevy... offered to give me "goose" up!!! We did not need to eat dinner cuse we GORGED on the chips & salsa! & truthfully there was not a lot of smooching going on, cause of the & salsa!
NOT the most romantic of food's!
Any way! we had a BLAST! I loved being alone with my sweetie! He is so much fun to be around AND we always have such fun together! They years are going sooo swiftly and I want to be with him forever!

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