Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diary of a whimpy kid...Rodrick rules...

SO if I admit that I had to pretend to NOT want to see this show, because I was afraid some might think I am too old..... would you think less of me?

OR if I admit I had to let my grand babies "TALK" me into going almost to the point of them begging me....Would that make me a terrible Nana?

Don't answer that!

Let's just pretend I had to go to this movie to help stimulate the movie theatre business & let the

seat be counted in the "movie census"!

I make no apologies to seeing this SUPER funny movie!

I loved, NO I adored the 1st "diary" movie. I was only slightly disappointed to see no "cheese touch" scene's in this movie...because that part just made me laugh & gave me plenty of good, funny line's for any thing in my life that grossed me know "EWWWW it's got "the cheese touch" while holding up a moldy sandwich or "I have the cheese touch, so I not possibly do the dishes or go to work"!

I also have to admit, I have kinda of a "old lady" crush on Rodrick! I'm not proud of it, but it happens...I think he just reminds me a tiny bit of Kevin, when he was younger...Minus the eyeliner & juicy lips!

I missed a good chunk of the 1st of the movie, (Babysitting the twins AND well worth the missing of the 1st of the movie! They are sooooooo cute!)

So we had to have the kids explain a tiny bit.

Greg is still desperate to be popular BUT he has grown a lot to know that friends are more important. Which is ironic because his BBF is Rawley is really quite popular & GREG is doing the "popular" thing riding on Rawley's coat tails.

Plenty of funny scene's, with plenty of clever lines. I loved that the mother is desperate for her 2 boys to be nicer to each other & she really wants them to bond. SO she leaves them home alone for a week-end with instructions to BE NICE & no party!

OF course you know what happens......a PARTY.....OR should I say the perfect "black mail scam" for Greg to do to Rodrick!

Some fun bonding does go on for the 2 brother, BEFORE "stuff" hits the fan!

I love the the part where Rawley is sleeping over to Greg's house & Rawley's mom sends "age Appropriate" movies for them to watch...YOU know the kind...the happy little elf's....the little engine who could( EVEN I would have known that for my kid at age 13..those movies would NOT have been AGE Appropriate!)

ANYWAY, even Rawley is a little embarrassed about the choice of movies his moms picked. BUT never fear, Greg has a solution...... the ultimate scary movie....THE foot!

Seriously, My honey & I were peeing our pants.....The movie was so cheesy it was funny, but of course the 2 boys think it was thee scariest movie ever! After they start dozing off "something" crawls in bed with them & scares the cookies right out of them......sooooo funny & that part makes the price of the movie a little bit easier to cough up!

Anyway, I don't want to give to much away, let's just say I would for sure give it at least 7 sticky

"reel" goods.

So nice to see something where I don't have to see any naked body parts(unless you count Greg running in his whitey tighties through Grandpas retirement center) & or couples uncomfortable fumbling in the back seat somewhere (unless you count Greg's dad carrying Greg off the roller rink had to feel sorry for him!)

AND really good to see a movie "potty mouth Free" movie!

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Lyndsy Tippetts said...

sorry you missed the first part! our fault!

Bella loved it, but is now terrified to sleep upstairs yet again...she is afraid of the "Bigfoot" from the "inappropriate movie the two boys were watching". Oh she cracks me up!
thanks for taking her. She loved her bonding time with you guys.