Sunday, November 7, 2010

What the heck I been up to!? a couple of charms & ornaments & other stuff!

These cute little things are for my "Fun & Funky" winter art charms! I just had Kevy cut the tips of the plastic water tubes from my work & drill a hole on top to thread a wire through for a clasp. I then made a clay bottom to glue to the snowman buttons in the base. I then added a bit of "Glitter snow" before I sealed the bottom to the tube with that awesome glue! I did not add risky of leaking, besides these are just charms!!

This is my Christmas ornament for the Christmas movie swap. I 'm still thinking I might add a Blingy thingy somewhere....It is between 2 Glass panels. It cute, just not my favorite. I had a hard time deciding what to focus on & since my Gunny bear likes Nutcrackers I went with that. I know it doesn't scream NUTCRACKER MOVIE, but hey, it's what I came up with.
I will also post the FUN Halloween craving contest tomorrow! But I am late in making dinner right now, so see ya all soon!

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