Friday, October 22, 2010

The Sisterhood of the traveling "paints" meet again! Lookie-lookie what we did!

These little cuties are the "mini" us's?

My 2 little grandaughters & Cece's 2 little grandaughter are starting their own little "sisterhood of the traveling Paint's" club! Oh we're sooo proud!

My goodness, we used the last bag of candy corn that they had in Walmart to do this wreath! I had like $10.00 dollars worth of candy corns to do 2 wreaths....BUT It was so worth it! Look how cute the wreath looks by my front door!

Amy looks like she smelled somethin bad! I'm not saying what....but I wasent standing closest to her.......

IT was HER MOM!!! Ha-ha!

The little cute candycorn ball fit in this tiny witched candy cauldren just right! SOOO cute! I was going to put it on a candle stick, BUT I like this so much better!
Cec Made this darling lace coverd took her like 2 minutes...BUT it is so way cuter in person!

LOOK at that cute little chef! Gunny made these cupcake...BY SCRATCH!!! for us girls! OH Shilo you trained him soooo well! P.S.the cupcakes WERE AWESOME!!

Here is the finished wreath by my front door! I LOVE this wreath!

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