Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don't you wanna know what I thought? MOVIE review...Easy A.

MY daughter Teisha is here visiting for a week or two. AND her & Shilo & Star & I were talking, and we were SHOCKED to find out the LAST movie Teisha saw in the theatre was "Harry Potter" !

REALLY...NO way!

WHAT a deprived WOMEN!

After we recovered from our shock & pity...we decided we had to take her out!
Soooooo we went online & found the most HARD CORE/ GIRLY GIRL, CHICK FLICK PLAYING out there in movie land!
"Easy A"

NOW you all know my age.....somewhere between 24 & 50....
AND I am a hair past high school...
But somewhere in the back of my head I wanted to see this movie!
SO after 5 minutes of discussion(looking up the movie list on fandango) we went to
the Mall theatre & bought tickets.
I was kind of prepared to see a "dirty, trampy teenage" movie.
I mean if you see the trailer you will think the same thing!
HOWEVER I was soooooo happy to see it was not what I thought.
It star's a cutie pie named Emma Stone. Some of you MIGHT recognize her from the movie "House Bunny"
Olive Penderghast(Emma) is a little unhappy being the "invisible" girl in her high school.
But she makes the best of it with her best friend, UNTIL she pretends to lose her virginity to a gay friend.
THEN all the sudden she has to deal with her new found "fame"....& learns some tough lessons
.......while being a rebellious teen, Olive wears a "scarlet A" on her
new "skanky girl" somewhat risque wardrobe in honor of the English class that is reading "the Scarlet letter". She is very cheeky when asked why she is wearing the letter & tells her teacher "it's for AWESOME"
She is a very bright & clever girl who gets caught up in wanting to help the "geeks & freaks" in her school & admits she has always been a sucker for the underdog, it's unfortunate that she gets pulled into a vortex of lies & has hard time fixing it.
I have to tell you as adorable as Emma stone is in this movie AND she does a great job, don't get me wrong......
BUT..... I want her "parents" to be mine & MY KIDS parents!!!
Stanley Tucci & Patricia Clarkson played Olive's parents.
They were so funny & cute! AND seemed to say all the right things!
I really laughed a lot during this movie & was really wanting "Olive"(Emma Stone) to succeed.
I was bummed to see the movie end & wanted to see more of it.
Even this ol' Grandma thought it was a really cute show & felt kinda bad I had prejudged it to be a naughty, potty, type of a show that I wouldn't want my kids to see for fear it would
glamorize the pure nature of sex & relationships.
BUT....... I can admit when I was wrong & I was.
I give this move 9 "REEL GOOD"

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Mimi Sue said...

Sounds like a cute movie. Think the hubby will like it? Your cinnabon wanna be recipe sounds delish. Good weather to start baking is coming up soon. Mimi