Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PoRch PriDe!

Let the world know I am PRO-PORCH!
My mama always told me you only get one chance to make a FIRST impression!
Mine starts at the front door!
Since this is my first blog, I thought I would start on my Front porch!
When we were planning our home, I had to insist on 2 things...
A big front porch & a gazebo! I got both!
One of the things I would like to do on my Blog is let my friends & soon to be friends know how I roll...(can I say that kids? is that to hip for old me?)
I love to decorate any time & any thing & any where...
(my cell phone is not an exception to this rule! I bling it up!)
I love to decorate for the holiday's, but am getting too lazy to do the whole house, so I mostly settle on doing AT LEAST the front porch! That way I feel less guilty & still get a bit of the holiday spirit. I will try to show my exciting holiday versions & hope I don't bore you.
So I am starting with the "Sizzlin" 4th of July version of the Tippetts porch!
Quit Yawning!

You will find I am cheap, when decorating! A bargain gets me HIGH!
The fabric is a Walmart find..( I do not indorse Walmart!)
It was a buck fifty a yard, I bought 4 yards and had leftovers! I just tacked it up w/ small white push pins & then used left over striped ribbon to bring it up in a gather. I tied the ribbon under & over the hand rail. If it fades & dies after this year, I ok with that, cuz it cost me like 5 bucks to do my porch.

The red star was a DI find.( I DO indorse DI!) it was a ugly green.
AHHH....a little can of spray paint is my new best friend!
The chairs are ALWAYS the focal point of my porch. I bought them at a end of the year sale going in to fall, for $10.00 each, I can be as patent as the next bargain hunter!
A...The log fire crackers? Oh thanks for asking!
I made those around 1989 during THE dreaded craft booth daze!
I will not apologize for STILL loving them!
My house does not lack for picnic baskets! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! And a red one... is a find! The pillows, are just made out of scrape leftovers & scarfs & such, I have found over the years.
I also love the quilted red one, I just found at DI yesterday. Dang I wish I had 6 more of those!
You can't see them very well, but the 3 bird house are all americania. I have found those at different times. I suppose ya all know the rule to display collectables? Display in odd numbers & same like object together for a bigger bang.
The window is from Kevy's Granadparents barn.(I had to fight him tooth & nail for that & the old screen door & the old metal chicken feeder... 2of my favorite things!)
I bring the window out 2 times a year. For 4th of July & Halloween!
(W/out the flag & I hang it crooked for Halloween, you know... SCARY!)
The flag is just a DI find from YEARS ago (I found it during christmas break! the best time to find SUMMER stuff!) I just coffee stained it.
(I don't drink the stuff, so I just collected the grounds from my work & used it to stain.)
I just tacked the flag on the back of the window with flat tacks. The rusty Star? Another DI find! WHO gives that stuff away! The grapevine garland is also up all the time, I just wrap lights around it & it helps light the porch.
So I hope you liked my front Porch tour.
Remember that the Porch is just a other "Room" you get to buy stuff for!
Maybe next time I just might let you in.... my house.. after I clean it.... more like after Starlee cleans it!
Soon I will be posting the "Get Cece out the 80's Kitchen!" or as some of like to call it...
"SPICE WARS 2009!"
I'm gonna try my hand at helping my favorite sister, Cece beat the ugly "country blue's" right out of her kitchen!
I will be using ALL DI or gagage sale or secondhand finds! I am trying to keep this project all under $200 dollars for paint & supplies, and any thing else I use!
I will rid Cece of all her country blue, stuffed bunnies, heart shelves, watermelons(ouch, I still love those), ruffle curtins & tole painted clocks, Apples(keep some... SHE still loves those), & all mauve tints out of her Kitchen!
I will take before & after pictures of Cece's kitchen from "DRAG" days into "FAB" Days!
This will be the beginning of my "WoRk of HeaRt" series on my blog.
Ya'all come back now....... hear!


The Umbergers said...

Ahhhh mommy you are funny! Your porch looks awesome! It's so festive! It makes me wish I had a porch to decorate!
Love you!

The Johnsons said...

I dragged my self off my death bed to look at this! It was worth it. I think this will be fun.

Tippetts Family said...

lovin the blog...even though i had nothing to do with but the you should do this.....let me know when you need more help. looks adorable! thank you for the tour of the porch!

marilyn said...

Love it Rosie!! I think your blog will be great fun! I have always loved your RED door and the way you decorate. I'm excited to see what you do with your sister's kitchen. It kind of sounds like mine, just kind of...blues, apples, watermelons and such. I love all your recipes too! Yeah Rosie