Thursday, June 25, 2009

Living room refresh

I'm gonna do it!..... I'm going to "refresh" my living room. Now mind you I HAVE no money, well maybe $20.00, so I will see how far I can take that. I really love LOVE the Shabby CHic look. I want to go romantic & kinda monocramatic with white, beige, tan, with a splash of pink & light greens. I don't like too frilly & lacy & florally & to much frufru. But clean & simple but still antique looking.

I have been looking for a smaller white couch & 2 over stuff chairs. I was even willing to slip cover them if need be, but I have been unsuccessful. SOOOO I will simply slipcover what I have. I really don't want any floral couches any more. ANY WHOO...

It is hard to see what I did find, but it is a good start. All these items cost me $11.00.

You can't see them but the 2 best finds were 1st, 2 different sizes of metal recipe/picture frames on a stand, the tags on them say they are from Adams & co. NOW I know for a fact these frames sell for just 1 large one is $8.00. Also I went to roberts craft yesterday & say those 2 white wooden candle holder, for a set of 3 (larger one missing) was $47.00 DOLLARS.... WHAT???

I will start with the big brown corner hutch in the corner of my living room. I HATE the dated "oak" wood color. I did like the price(free, givin to me!) And I like the idea of a hutch in that room. SO I took it out side on my deck(Star helped me "walk" it out) & took off doors & removed the glass, covered the mirrors. I next sanded it down to get the shinny coat off. This will help the paint stick to the cheap wood veneer. I then got my 3 cans of white FLAT spray paint..... AND covered that ugly brown. I then lightly sanded it when it was dry & then "antiqued" it with brown stain.

I LOVE it! I can even forgive the glass & mirrored inside.

So what do you think? I like!

I was also happy to find two tables ACROSS the street at a garage sale at my neighbors. You will not belive the price of those! 5 bucks for a end table & coffee table. AWESOME! they got white washed also, BUT not antiqued. I wanted that sabby chic look & these will go great with that..

I will post pictures of the rest of my living room as soon as I figure it out.....AND it gets closer to being done.

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